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Elgato EyeTV Hybrid V2

EyeTV Hybrid TV Tuner delivers free-to-view digital and analogue television to your Mac Computer via aerial and cable. It also enables you to tune into your local FM radio on your Mac.

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EyeTV Hybrid delivers free-to-view digital television to your Mac via aerial (DVB-T, also known as DTT or Freeview) and cable (DVB-C), as well as analogue television. EyeTV Hybrid contains a full-size and built-in coaxial plug and does not require an adapter. It can also connect a variety of devices to your Mac via composite (RCA) and S-Video such as a set top box for premium channels and satellite, a VCR, or a camcorder.


Unique Features

• Watch, rewind, fast forward, and pause live TV and FM radio on your Mac

• Record hours of television and FM radio and edit out unwanted content

• Create TV series subscriptions with Smart Guides

• Organize recordings in Smart Playlists

• Export recordings automatically to your iPod®, iPhone™ or Apple TV®

• Access recordings via Wi-Fi and share with other Macs on a local network

• EyeTV Hybrid comes with TerraTec Home Cinema software for Windows PC compatibility. Many of the same features offered by EyeTV 3 software are supported.


Technical Specifications

Analogue, FM, DVB-T/C Tuner:

• Frequency range: 48-860MHz (VHF and UHF)

• Analogue TV standards: PAL, SECAM

• Digital TV standards: DVB-T, DVB-C

• FM Radio

• Stereo Audio


COFDM Demodulator:

• Supported modulations 16, 64, 128 and 256 QAM, QPSK; Bandwidths 6, 7, 8 MHz


Input and Output:

• USB 2.0

• Aerial input: Coaxial connector (IEC)

• S-Video (via break out cable, included)

• Composite video (via break out cable, included)

• Stereo audio (via break out cable, included)

• IR remote control sensor



• Mac: PowerPC® G4,G5 or Intel Core® processor, Mac OS X v10.4.11 or later

• PC: 2,0 GHz Intel/AMD CPU or Intel Atom CPU, Windows XP SP2 or Vista SP1 (32 or 64 Bit)

• 1 GB RAM, built-in USB 2.0 port

• Internet connection required to download Program Guide data.

*Note: 720p or 1080i HD features require an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Analogue signals are processed via software encoder, quality depends on processor performance.



Additional information

Weight 0.36 kg
Dimensions 19.1 × 13.4 × 5.9 cm


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