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Elgato Smart Key

Elgato Smart Key tracks your Car-keys, Handbag, Camera, Luggage, etc. using Elgato’s free Smart Key Companion App. The Smart Key also helps you find your keys by playing a sound.

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Elgato Smart Key checks in with your iPhone through its free companion app. Customize when, how and where you want to be notified with a simple tap, and get details on what Elgato Smart Key has learned about your daily routine. The clever app ensures that your iPhone can always connect to your Elgato Smart Key, even if you haven’t opened it in a while. Elgato Smart Key is great to keep your key-chain close, but you can also use it to get alerts whenever something else gets too far away or enters your reach.


Unique Features

• The Elgato iPhone App remembers the GPS Location of your Smart Key

• When attached to your Luggage, the Smart Key will notify your iPhone when your luggage arrives at the baggage carousel

• Set reminders for yourself that are location dependent, only appearing when you are where you need to be

• By attaching the Smart key to your valuables, notifications from the iPhone App prevent you from leaving anything behind

• With low energy Bluetooth Smart technology, the replaceable battery lasts more than half a year, and will not greatly affect your iPhone’s battery life

• Made with sturdy materials and IP65 certified dust and water protection


Technical Specifications

• Standards: Bluetooth 4.0 Smart

• Replaceable battery: CR2032

• Dust and water protection: IP65 certified



• iPhone 4S or later, iPhone 5 or later

• iPod touch (5th generation)

• iPad mini, iPad Air or iPad (3rd generation or later)

• iOS 7 or later



Additional information

Weight 0.054 kg
Dimensions 16.4 × 9.9 × 2.3 cm


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